Miniature Lampshades

Miniature lampshades are simple and fun to make.
Miniature lampshades are simple and fun to make.
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Miniature lampshades are fun and easy to make, and you can find everything you need to make them at a garage sale. Anything that stretches makes a wonderful covering for these small lampshades.

Style #1

  1. Start with a small lampshade; even if it's scratched or beat-up ... it's OK!
  2. Stretch over the shade: a vegetable bag, like an onion bag or garlic bag; a pair of stretch velvet pants; or a velvet or lace blouse.
  3. Trim at the top and bottom and secure with tacky glue. Glue fabric trim at the top and bottom or glue a row of silk fringe around the bottom. Check out the clothing racks at garage sales, and you'll find lots of sweatshirts, blouses, etc., that are stained and ruined but may have silk fringe on them, selling for $5 a yard. You'll find all you need for 25 cents!

Style #2

  1. Insert a small lampshade into the sleeve of a velvet jacket, lace or silk dress, or silk blouse. Push the shade all the way to the very end of the long sleeve; your top hem; the cuff of the jacket, dress or blouse; is already made for you. Cut off at the bottom edge of the lampshade and glue desired bottom trim.Note: If you're using a lace sleeve, place the miniature lampshade in the sleeve upside down so the bottom edge of the sleeve (the cuff) is at the bottom of the shade. You don't need any trim at the bottom, just the top. A lot of clothing items at garage sales have studs, rhinestones, beadwork or beautiful edging work on the cuffs, and your work is already done for you. Do the same thing with the other sleeve, and you'll have two matching lamps.

Style #3

  1. Start with a small lampshade and lots of stretch bracelets, found at garage sales. Mix and match for all kinds of different, easy and unique looks. If it's a dangly bracelet, stretch it down to the bottom edge or keep it near the top for a crown effect. Once you find the look you like, adhere the bracelet with glue. Note: I never glue my bracelets, because they usually fit nice and snug, and I'm always changing my decor and trying new jewelry.

Style #4

  1. To duplicate a designer showroom miniature feathered lamp, just get out your feather duster; or pick one up at a garage sale; and pull off the feathers. Just glue a few under a beautiful jeweled earring or feather the entire lampshade. These sell for $100 in showrooms!

Other options:

  • jewelry
  • sweater clasp
  • stretch bracelets
  • stretch fabric ponytail holders
  • chokers
  • small, stretch vegetable bags
  • stretch clothing
  • sleeves
  • beadwork
  • silk fringe
  • lace tights
  • fishnet nylons
  • stretch garters
  • baby headbands
  • feather duster
  • tassels
  • chenille sweater
  • hairnets

Craft demonstrated by Home Matters guest Shelley Kincaid, author of The Garage Sale Decorator's Bible: How to Find Treasures, Fix Them and Furnish Your Home.