Mirrored Chandelier

A mirrored chandelier is the perfect unique piece for your foyer.
A mirrored chandelier is the perfect unique piece for your foyer.

With the help of the entire crew, our designers build a 40-foot mirrored chandelier to suspend from the cathedral ceiling in the Broadways' living room.


  1. The two diamond-shaped pieces were made out of 1/2-inch round steel hammered bar stock that were prewelded (same material as the coffee table base was made of, but that was 3/4-inch).
  2. Both the upper and lower diamonds were hung with 1/8-inch aircraft cable. The upper diamond had 4 turnbuckles at all 4 corners. This makes leveling the diamond very easy.
  3. The four 1/8-inch cables that supported the larger diamond were bridled to a single point using a large quick link. That quick link was then secured to a 6-inch-long eyebolt, which was screwed into 1 of the ceiling joists.
  4. The height of the ceiling at the eyebolt position was approximately 18 feet high. The lowest mirror position was approximately 7 to 7 1/2 feet above the floor. The larger diamond hung down about 4 feet from the eyescrew.
  5. The mirrors are cut out of scrap pieces of 1/8-inch-thick mirror, which you can purchase at a local glass shop. The mirrors were double sided by applying mirror mastic to the back side of 1 mirror and gluing it to the back side of the same side mirror. A small 1/2-inch silver U channel was then mitered and put around the perimeter of each mirror.
  6. Originally the team was going to drill a hole through both pieces of mirror, run a 1/16-inch cable through it and attach it to the diamond, but that didn't work. Their solution was to run a small piece of wire through the top channel piece surrounding the mirror and then connect it to the 1/16-inch wire that ran up to the diamonds. They also glued the U channel to the mirror pieces with construction adhesive. They cut the mirror pieces using a simple glass cutter purchased at a local hardware store.