Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting: Chandelier


  • 24-inch foam or oasis ring
  • 8 votive candles
  • moss
  • florist wire
  • plastic vine
  • plastic grapes
  • moss pins
  • sticky tac


  1. Start with a 24-inch foam ring (oasis or floral foam will work too).
  2. Place 8 votives around the foam ring and trace the bottom circle.
  3. Remove the votive and carve out a few centimeters of the foam where the votives were placed.
  4. Next, cover the remainder of the foam ring with green moss. Keep the moss attached to the foam ring by wrapping wire tightly around the moss and the ring. (remember to leave the holes for the votives uncovered)
  5. Once the moss is in place wrap long plastic vine around the ring and keep in place with moss pins.
  6. Decorate using a variety of plastic grapes and attach using moss pins.
  7. Finally, place sticky tack on the bottom of each votive and secure them into the carved out holes.
  8. Hang the chandeliers buy attaching three long wires to the sides of the wreath, for added decoration, string pasta down each wire.
  9. Pull the three wires together at the top and hang outside.