Pear Lamps

Bring the outdoors inside with this nature-themed lamp.
Bring the outdoors inside with this nature-themed lamp.


  • garden urn
  • ruler
  • wire brush
  • latex primer
  • latex paint in the color of your choice
  • threaded pipe rod
  • washers in various sizes
  • pliers
  • 3/4" PVC pipe
  • socket and plug separated into its various components
  • lighting harp
  • hacksaw
  • floral foam and dried moss (available at most floral supply stores)
  • styrofoam pears (available at some craft and hobby stores)


  1. Clean the urn with a wire brush and prime it with latex primer.
  2. Paint the urn with latex paint in a color that matches your d├ęcor.
  3. Cut the threaded pipe rod to the appropriate size needed.
  4. Place a nut about two inches up on the rod followed by a washer then insert the rod into the existing hole of the urn.
  5. To secure the rod, add another washer and nut where the rod sticks out the bottom of the urn.
  6. Insert the cord, threading the free end through the bottom of the urn, leaving excess wire and the plug end exposed.
  7. To conceal the pipe rod use three-quarter inch PVC piping that has been cut to size and painted the same color as the urn.
  8. Start putting on the wiring components. Building upwards,the sequence would be: decorative washer, the harp support, socket holder, the socket, and the top cap.
  9. To decorate your lamp add some floral foam to the bottom of the urn by cutting the bricks into smaller, circular pieces and hot gluing them into the base.
  10. To decorate the floral foam hot glue some dried moss on top.
  11. The last hardware component to add to the lamp is the harp. It snaps right into place and the lampshade attaches on top.
  12. Add a decorative element by cutting some Styrofoam fruit in half and hot gluing it to the front of the lampshade. Add some script to give the lampshade another added detail.