Pipe Lights

Using pipelights will give your home an industrial vibe.
Using pipelights will give your home an industrial vibe.

This industrial-looking project provides great lighting along a buffet or dining table. Use antique light bulbs with interesting filaments to illuminate the pipes with a warm, flickering light.

For this project you'll need threaded pipe cut to length (no threads on top), flanges, machine screws, locknuts, sockets, a lamp cord, a plug, metallic spray and gaff tape. This is not a project for beginners. You should have a good working knowledge of wiring lamps.



  1. First spray-paint all the parts, including the lamp sockets, screws and nuts, in a metallic finish. The finish should match the threaded pipe.
  2. Once dry, wire one of the sockets. Thread the wire through the pipe and attach the socket. Next, thread the flange as a base. Continue to the next lamp, wiring each together in parallel. Use electrical tape where wires should be spliced.
  3. Once all the pipes have been wired and the sockets are attached to the pipes and flanges, attach the nuts and screws through the flange to create a base. Tighten.
  4. Add a plug to the end of the series of lamps.
  5. Screw in antique light bulbs (available at many hardware stores).