3 Steps for Revamping Lackluster Furniture

3. Choose your Muse

Remember that everyone's inner artist is not the same, so decorate within your artistic means. Sometimes the most basic touch ups to these pieces are the most meaningful. A little paint and some very simple decorations can go a long way.

A great source for ideas are children's books because their illustrations are often simple, yet effective. For additional inspiration though, look everywhere-a scrap of fabric, a swatch of wallpaper, books, magazines. Whatever catches your eye can be an source of creativity now-or later.


  1. Clean the item. Steel wool is good. Limit sanding if at all possible, since there's no way of knowing what type of paint was used before.
  2. Patch the holes, if necessary, with plastic wood or wood filler, similar to patching a plaster wall. Simply smooth it with your finger.
  3. Paint with an all-purpose primer. Follow label instructions.
  4. Paint as desired. Basic paint from the craft store works well.
  5. Decorate if desired. Use stamps, available at most craft stores, as a quick and easy way to add some fun to your project. Try practicing on a paper bag until you feel comfortable with your design or use dots made with a large brush. Stencils or freehand can also be used.
  6. Protect the item by spraying it with sprayable polyurethane, varnish, or sealer.