A diy sconce is a fun and easy craft project.
A diy sconce is a fun and easy craft project.

On this episode, Rebecca made some cool sconces out of Fortuna Cracker boxes to go with her Mondrian-inspired design.

Note: Please use caution when building these sconces. Goggles and work gloves should be worn during some parts of this project.



  1. You will need a light post that sticks out and will easily mount on to your wall and large square or rectangular metal boxes, such as cracker boxes. In addition, you will need a pair of straight-cut metal snips, a hot glue gun and glue sticks and fabric.
  2. Wearing heavy work gloves and goggles, cut out the large middle pieces, including the top and the bottom, of your tin can or box with the snips. Leave the outlined areas of the box.
  3. Using hot glue and your choice of fabric, cover three sides of the box with fabric, tautly wrapping the fabric to completely cover each area. You will leave the top, bottom and the back side of the box uncovered.
  4. After the glue has dried mount your light post to the wall. Then, facing the uncovered side of the box toward the wall, mount your sconce.
  5. All you need now is a light bulb and you have a homemade sconce.