Shadowbox with Light

Learn how to create a shadow box at home.
Learn how to create a shadow box at home.
George Doyle/Thinkstock

Shadow boxing is a unique way to display an heirloom or souvenir in a distinctive way.



  1. Take a cheap, square or rectangular mirror and glue it on to a piece of wood that is the same shape as the mirror, only larger (at least 5 inches on each side extra).
  2. Measure out 4 pieces of wood to frame the wood base with the mirror on it. Make them about 5-10 inches wide depending on how deep you would like your shadow box to be.
  3. Take the bottom piece of the frame and drill 2 large holes 2 inches apart with a wholesaw to place lights in.
  4. Attach all the frame pieces with glue, then reinforce them with a staple gun.
  5. Iron on edge-banding to smooth off the rough edges. Sand off any extra edge-banding.
  6. Attach the frame to the wood base with the mirror using glue, then reinforcing with a staple gun.
  7. Stain it.
  8. Fill the two large holes on the bottom part of the frame with small lights to illuminate your shadow box.
  9. Add an object of your choice, such as a tree branch, in the middle so it is reflected and illuminated.