4 Simple Step-by-Step Upholstery Tips


Choose Wisely

Consider these ideas when selecting furniture and fabric for a winning combination:

  • Choose your furniture first: The fabric you use will depend on your furniture piece. If you already have a fabric you are in love with or an heirloom textile, then you can tailor your furniture search to the fabric. When browsing furniture, look for pieces that have a sturdy, decorative frame and a removable seat cushion. Consider pieces like ottomans, footstools, side stools, piano stools, dining chairs and small benches.Tip: Don't feel like your furniture piece has to be perfect. Regardless of nicks and blemishes, your piece simply needs an interesting, vintage silhouette. Imperfections enhance the historic, unique nature of this project. If the shape is right but the finish is simply an eyesore, consider painting or staining your piece.
  • The shape of things: Use the shape of your furniture as a guide for deciding on a fabric. If the piece features rounded edges and circular details, look for fabrics that echo these curves-think ornate paisleys and florals. For a square or rectangular piece, fabrics that share the same geometric lines will look best.Tip: Remember, when it comes to creative projects, there are guidelines-but no rules. To put a serious twist on your look, try creating tension by pairing a free-flowing floral print with a heavy, masculine furniture piece. Contrasting elements adds instant depth and texture and is a major trend in current d├ęcor.
  • Unexpected finds: When looking for your furniture, get creative with the places you search. Perhaps there's an old piece collecting dust in your attic or a one-of-a-kind find your friend is throwing out. You can also browse local flea markets, antique stores and garage sales. Just be sure the piece has a seat that is screwed down and pops off easily. These cushions are typically comprised of a piece of wood cushioned by foam. Many furniture pieces are constructed this way, making it easy to apply new fabrics.