What is a Tuscan style kitchen?

Tuscan Kitchen Décor
This vignette would be right at home in your Tuscan kitchen.
This vignette would be right at home in your Tuscan kitchen.

The Tuscan decorating style has become pretty popular in the U.S. because of its functionality, comfort and laid-back simplicity. Food is central to the Tuscan lifestyle, so the kitchen is the perfect place to bring in these design elements.

When it comes to furniture, think chunky, dark wood. Chairs, stools and the dining table would all be simply designed, more along the lines of a modest, square-legged farm table instead of something with intricate details and curves. Colors are warm earth tones with vibrant accents, and bold is the name of the game. Rich reds and bright yellows fit in well with Tuscan design.

For accents and decorations, it's common to find glass jars, Italian pottery and ceramic urns. And nothing says "Tuscan kitchen" more than an iron pot rack hanging above the butcher block island. For true authenticity, no Tuscan kitchen is complete without a wood-burning pizza oven. You can just picture the light of the fire crisping up some homemade pizza dough and the smell of fresh tomatoes and basil lingering in the air.

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