Barkskin Ceiling Project

Barkskin® Ceiling Project


  1. Find center point of ceiling by creating diagonal lines that form an X in the center of the ceiling. This can be done easily by extending the chalk line from corner to corner and snapping the chalk onto the ceiling.
  2. Now, place Barkskin® (pattern side down) on a clean work surface. Pour pre-mixed glue into paint-roller tray. Using a paint-roller or brush, apply glue to the back of the Barkskin®. It’s best to use a thin, even coat of glue.
  3. Allow glue to set (drying time will vary according to the type of glue used), then wipe off excess glue with a dry brush or sponge.
  4. Align four corners of Barkskin® along the four diagonal lines at center of ceiling. Apply Barkskin® to surface, and smooth lightly with hands. Flatten any wrinkles with the plastic smoother.
  5. Repeat steps 5-7 above, working outward from central Barkskin® piece in a clockwise direction until surface is completely covered. Use a utility knife to cut off excess paper that goes beyond intended surface.
  6. Don’t worry if the ceiling looks imperfect. The slight gaps or overlaps of the Barkskin® will only complement the irregularities of the Barkskin® itself and add to the room’s rustic look overall.