Leaf Wall Hooks

Copper wire lends its metallic color to the unique look of these hooks.
Copper wire lends its metallic color to the unique look of these hooks.


  • 22 inches of 2-millimeter-diameter copper wire
  • 6 inches of 1-millimeter-diameter copper wire
  • wire cutters
  • round-nose pliers
  • mole grips
  • ring-bending pliers (optional)
  • OHP pen


  1. Print the template (PDF format). Cut a 22-inch length of 2-millimeter-diameter copper wire. Follow the template, starting from the end marked with a star on the template. Using round-nose pliers or ring-bending pliers, bend the wire, checking your work against the template at regular intervals. When you come to the first tight loop, bend the wire up to the middle of the loop, then mark this point with an OHP pen. The end of the wire should go under the curve you've just bent. Bend the wire loosely round and close the loop up by pressing on either side with the mole grips. Continue bending the wire, following the template, until you reach the apex of the leaf shape. From this point on, the end should go over the curve of each loop.
  2. When the whole leaf shape is complete, you'll be left with several inches of wire for the hook section. Straighten this section of wire out. Bend the wire back on itself after 2 inches. Use the mole grips to close the loop.
  3. Bend the loop for the screw, fixing on the end of the doubled wire, and trim off any excess. Bend the loop that will be the end of the hook gently downwards about 1/2 inch from the end. Make the bend to form the hook about 1ΒΌ inches back from the loop.
  4. Use a pair of bolt cutters to provide a key just below the base of the leaf. The 1-inch section of wire that was the starting point for this project fits behind the doubled wire that forms the hook. Bend it so that it follows the curve of the loop. Bind with 1-millimeter wire, cutting the ends so that they tuck neatly behind the hook.

Home Matters guest Michael Ball demonstrated this project from his book Wire Magic.