Tree Mural

Bring the outdoors in by painting a tree mural.
Bring the outdoors in by painting a tree mural.

Is there a wall in your home that you don't know what to do with? Does every color you paint look wrong? Maybe you need a fresh idea. Try painting a tree covered with stenciled flowers onto the wall.

For this project you'll need paint (dark brown for the tree, and orange, red or yellow for the flowers), small, medium and large stencils (cut them out yourself or buy them at an art store), a line brush, a stenciling brush and a pencil.


  1. First, find an image of a tree from a magazine or book to use as a guide. Start to draw the tree in the corner of the wall with a pencil. Begin with the crook of the tree where the trunk starts to branch out. Draw the outline of the tree and branches using as much detail as you would like. The center of the trunk should go up the corner of the wall, giving the tree a wraparound effect.
  2. When a rough sketch of the tree is completed, use a paintbrush to fill in the trunk with dark brown paint. Let the paint do the painting: Load the brush, dab it on the wall and spread the paint up and down the sides of the tree. Fill in the trunk with paint until it is solid. Have paint available that is the same color as the wall for touch up.
  3. Decide what size and color to paint the flowers. Place a flower stencil on the wall so that a little bit of the flower petal overlaps with a branch. Use a stencil brush to fill in the flower with paint. Then paint a dot in the middle of the flower using a different color than the petals.
  4. Repeat the process all over the tree. Put a love seat or couch next to the tree wall to create a relaxing, enchanted forest effect.