Wallcovering Tips and Tricks

Here Comes the Sun

Consider the effect natural light will have on your room colors. This step is perhaps the most important when planning a color scheme. The amount of sunlight that enters a room, and for what portion of the day it is there, is important to note as this light greatly changes how you see colors. In rooms that receive lots of sunlight, a cooler palette will help soften the glare and create a less harsh effect. In spaces with less natural light or northern exposures, the use of warmer colors will add warmth where the effect of sunlight is most needed. Artificial light sources will effect your color palette as much as natural light will. Try to use fixtures with dimmers whenever possible. Dimmers allow you to adjust the various light sources around the room based on the time of day and mood you want to set; thus you can always show your color palette in the perfect light.