Art Shades

Turn your windows into works of art with this simple project.
Turn your windows into works of art with this simple project.

Who says a home can't double as an art gallery? With this project you can transform simple shades into a statement of style with classic architectural accents.

For this project, you'll need linen shades, architectural reliefs (or pictures that fit your design style), a ruler, an X-acto knife, spray mount, large pieces of cardboard and a squeegee.



  1. First, purchase linen roller shades to fit the windows in the room.
  2. Search the Internet or books for desired prints. Robert found the architectural reliefs for this project on the Internet and found prints of picture frames to go around them. Take the color prints to a copy store and have them blown up to a size no larger than the width of the shades.
  3. Cut around the image with an X-acto knife, using a ruler to keep the lines clean.
  4. Make a cardboard template by tracing and cutting the cardboard around the cutout print. Remove the small cutout piece and place the larger, outer piece on top of the linen shade.
  5. Center the design on the shade and begin gluing. Spray quite a bit of spray mount in the center of the template. Make sure to get the edges. Remove the template and place the print on the adhesive.
  6. Press out any bubbles with the squeegee and secure the edges to the shade.