Chic Paper Shade

Give chic a whole new meaning with these window shades.
Give chic a whole new meaning with these window shades.

Follow the directions below to make the perfect paper shades for your windows.

  1. You will need pressed paper with natural fibers in it, which you can find at any craft store. Choose the size of the paper according to the size of the window times one and a half. You will also need string and 4 pieces of 1-inch x 2-inch wood that measure the width of your paper shade, along with glue and a hole punch. To hang the shade you will need a drill or screwdriver and screws.
  2. Lay out the paper and measure every three inches. Next, fold the paper back and forth like an accordion.
  3. As you fold the paper punch holes at 6-inch intervals, then again 4 inches from those holes as space allows. Make sure you punch your holes going from the front to the back of the paper for a cleaner look. Depending on the size of the shade there will be equal amounts of holes on each fold, equally distanced.
  4. Once the folding and hole punching is complete, you will glue 2 pieces of wood to the bottom of the shade — one to the front and one to the back — for weight.
  5. Repeat Step 4 by attaching the 2 remaining pieces of wood to the top of the shade.
  6. Once all four pieces of wood are glued, drill holes into the furring strips that line up with the rows of holes on the shade.
  7. Using a few yards of string, once again depending on the size of the window, zig-zag, or "weave," your string up one hole, then down the next.
  8. After you've strung the shade, hold the shade underneath the upper side of your window to find the best fit when the shade is down.
  9. After finding the best fit for the shade, all you need to do is screw in the upper boards of the shade to the under side of the top of the window.