Colorful Window Shade

Light up your room with these brilliant colors.
Light up your room with these brilliant colors.

Brighten up your window by making a shade out of orange- and blue-colored plastic squares and circular three-ring-binder hooks.


  1. Using a circular cutter and a measuring cutting board, cut hard plastic sheets into uniform-sized squares.
  2. Open all the circular hooks in preparation to connect all the squares.
  3. Draw a template for punching 4 holes in each corner of the square so each square will hang the same.
  4. Mark where the holes will be punched on each square cutout with a pencil.
  5. Use a small letter cutter or hole punch to punch holes into each pencil mark.
  6. Put 1 circular hook into each hole and connect 3 squares vertically, randomly integrating the blue with the orange. Place 2 larger-sized hooks at the top of the squares that will hang from the window rod.
  7. Attach 1 side of the window rod and slide the larger hooks onto the open side of the rod to fill the window's horizontal length.
  8. Attach the other side of the window rod.