5 Interesting Ways to Dress Up Your Windows


Drape Essentials

Drapes are usually pleated, lined and floor length. They are often sold in panels intended to hang on a tension rod, curtain rod or traverse rod (a rod that allows the drapes to be pulled back from the side with the use of a string or cord). When you find a style or fabric you like, experts suggest measuring the "stackback" or the width of the panel when the panel is pulled back. This ensures a retracted drape won't cover a window.

Traditionally, drapes project a formal, dramatic feel. But contemporary styles are more relaxed and can be attached to a rod with easy-to-assemble rings and clips. Drapes are a good option when you like changing window treatments with the seasons, too. Available in a variety of fabrics, you won't have a problem finding warm, rich drapes for winter and lighter, airier versions for the summer.