Floral Swag

Floral designs are always in style.
Floral designs are always in style.


  • 18-inch grapevine arch
  • 2 1/2-foot-tall rusted watering cans
  • 3 stems of 4-inch-wide pink and white silk roses with green leaves
  • 10 9- to 12-inch-long birch branches
  • 2-ounce package of dried plumosa fern
  • 13 sprigs each of 3-inch and 7-inch-long dried purple and white larkspur
  • glue gun and hot melt adhesive


  1. Cut the rose-leaf clusters off the stems. Glue the rose leaves onto the grapevine arch, hiding the stems among the grapevines.
  2. Cut the plumosa fern into 4-inch to 8-inch-long stems, and glue them between the rose leaves, fanning them out around the arch.
  3. Cut the rose stems to 2 inches long; glue one in the center of the arch and one on each end. Glue the birch branches onto the arch. Glue one watering can to the arch at each side of the center rose. Glue the purple and white larkspur to the arch to fill in the arrangement.

Project demonstrated by Home Matters guest Julie Keith from Better Homes & Gardens Crafts Showcase magazine.