Fun and Funky Curtains

Spice up your drab room with a fun and funky number.
Spice up your drab room with a fun and funky number.
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These curtains take on a new look and add a fun, modern twist to any funky room.



  • 3/4-inch aluminum poles,
  • airplane cable
  • sheer fabric
  • screw eyes
  • a turnbuckle


  1. Measure the windows you'd like to cover.
  2. Cut out a few lengths of fabric (for some windows you may want to hang several panels). The panels will hang about 2 inches from the ceiling and about 1 inch from the floor. Add 2-1/2 inches to the height and 1 inch to the width of each panel. (The extra fabric is for the hems and rod pockets). For the Clausens' curtains, Robert used a billowy, sheer fabric to diffuse the light from the bright windows. Sheer fabrics work best on a tension wire because they are light.
  3. Sew a half-inch hem on either side of the panel of fabric to give the window treatment a clean edge.
  4. Sew a quarter-inch hem on the top and bottom of the panel so your neighbors won't have to look at the ugly side of your beautiful new curtains.
  5. Fold over an inch of fabric on the top of the curtain and sew it up to create a tube for your aluminum rod. Then do the same to the bottom of the panel for the other aluminum rod (this will give the panel weight and give the curtain a flat look). If you opt not to put a rod at the bottom of your panel, you will need to sew the bottom hem before you create the side hems. This will give the curtain a clean hem on the bottom.
  6. Cut the aluminum tube so that it will fit into your rod pockets.
  7. Thread the aluminum rod through the top hem of the panel. The aluminum rod will give the top hem some shape and allow the curtain to slide easily across the wire.
  8. Put up one side of the wire. Screw one of the screw eyes into a stud in the wall. (It's important that you screw into a stud. This will assure that the cord doesn't rip out of the wall.) The wire should sit approximately 1 inch from the face of your window and about 2 inches from the ceiling.
  9. Before putting up the other side of the wire, thread the wire through as many aluminum rods as you would like to hang per window. Several small rods will hang better than one large rod covering the span of a window.
  10. Screw the second eyehole hook into a stud in the other wall.
  11. Before connecting the wire to the other wall, connect the turnbuckle. The turnbuckle will allow you to tighten the wire and will reduce slack.
  12. Adjust your panels so that they hang evenly.