How to Hang Curtains

Hanging new curtains is an affordable way to give a room a fresh look, and it's so easy that deciding what look you want may take more time than actually installing the curtains. Read the steps below to learn how to hang curtains.

  1. Measure the window you want to dress and record the measurements. Measure the height from where you will place the rod down to the floor. Most curtains brush the floor for a full, elegant look. Also measure the width of the window. You will need these measurements for both the curtain rod and the curtains.
  2. Purchase the rod. Use the measurements you took to ensure that it will cover the width of the window. Make sure the rod you choose is strong enough to hold your curtains -- if you want curtains in a heavy material, you'll need a stronger rod. Also make sure that the hardware that attaches the rod to the wall will be suitable for your wall [source: UK TV].
  3. Purchase the curtains based on the measurements you took and the type of rod you purchased. Remember, you want your curtains to drape with fullness -- not fit precisely across the window -- so you should purchase curtains that are about twice as wide as the window [source: House and Home]. Curtains attach to rods in different ways, so be sure that the curtains you purchase will fit on the rods, or that they come with hooks, rings or other hardware that will fit on the rods.
  4. Hold the curtain rod in place and use a pencil to mark the wall where you want to drill holes. To ensure that the rod is installed straight, ask a friend for help holding the rod in place, or use a ruler to mark where you want to drill the holes at equal distances above the windowsill.
  5. Drill the holes and install the curtain rod.
  6. Hang the curtains along the rod. Bunch the curtains to create fullness..