Modern Fabric Shutters

Exercise a modern sense of style with these fabric shutters.
Exercise a modern sense of style with these fabric shutters.

In this episode, Robert and Rebecca assemble shutters with sheer fabric to add modernity to the room.

  1. To begin you must have at least 4 pieces of wood that have been cut to 45-degree angles on each corner. This allows for a perfect 90-degree cut when placed together, equating to a perfect fit. Also, the fabric being used should be measured, cut and ready to be mounted to the frame. (Note: Usually these pieces of wood can be bought pre-cut. For a more modern look, use a block design with 2 colors.)
  2. Next, using wood glue, glue the corners of the frame together.
  3. After the frames have been glued and given adequate time to dry, nail the corners of the frame together. (Note: Be very cautious when nailing the frame. The nail size varies as the size of the wood changes. For thin brittle frames, you should use finish nails.)
  4. Now you're ready to place the fabric. When measuring the fabric to fit the frame, be sure to leave a couple of inches of hangover. This is done so that when you place the fabric on the frame, it is centered evenly.
  5. Once the fabric has been positioned, use a staple gun to mount the fabric onto the frame. (Note: Take care when stapling, as the fabric may move. Temporarily taping the fabric to the frame may help.)