Modern Window Treatment

Welcome to the 21st century.
Welcome to the 21st century.

This project is playful and easy. You'll use placemats to create a floating-squares effect in front of the windows. It looks great in a modern bedroom or child's room.

For this project you'll need 2-inch binder rings, a drill, modern plastic placemats and a curtain rod or eye hooks.



  1. Drill a hole in each corner of every placemat.
  2. Attach the placemats end to end using binder rings. Alternate the direction of the placemats to provide variety.
  3. Attach eye hooks on the wall at intervals that match the corners of the placemats. As an alternative, hang the panels using the binder rings and a simple curtain rod. Another option is to mount the placemats as a decorative treatment in front of sheers. The sheers will help maintain privacy and filter the light. Hang each placemat row on the hooks over each window.