Pelmet Box Valance

pelmet box valance
Your kids will adore this fabric-covered window treatment.

Rebecca makes fabric-covered pelmet box valances for the couple's bedroom windows. You can make some too, for any room in your house. Just make sure you've got a partner!

  1. You will need the following materials: 1 piece of wood that measures 1/4-inch x 12-inch x horizontal width of your window plus casings (i.e., the valance will be mounted outside of the window casing) , 2 pieces of wood measuring 1/4-inch x 12-inch x 4-inch, quilt batting, fabric, staple gun and staples, wood glue, finishing nails, a hammer, 4 small L-brackets with screws, 8 1-5/8-inch drywall screws, a drill and a partner.
  2. With wood glue attach the two smaller pieces of wood to the ends of the longest board so they form right angles at each end of the board. After gluing the pieces, nail them together using finishing nails.
  3. Next, take a large piece of batting — large enough to wrap around your valance — and tautly wrap it around the wood, like gift wrap. Continue wrapping the wood until you've completely covered all surfaces. Once you've figured out where the pieces of batting hold best, staple each piece of batting, making sure you staple on the backside of the pelmet. Cut off any excess batting.
  4. Using your choice of fabric, snugly wrap the fabric around the batting, like gift wrap as well. Staple the fabric in to the wood and batting, making sure that all staples are unseen.
  5. Last, you will want to mount the completed valance above your window. Find the studs in the wall that flank the window, and then mount the small L-brackets to the wall using 1 5/8-inch drywall screws and a drill. Be sure to put two L-brackets on each side of the window and to mount them so that they form a right angle to the end pieces of your valance. Next, with your partner, lift the pelmet into place and attach it to the L-brackets using small wood screws.