Room with a View

Give your windows an urban appeal.
Give your windows an urban appeal.
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A city skyline is the ultimate penthouse view. If you can't quite afford the real thing, bring the view to your house with this dramatic window covering.



  • curtains
  • black felt
  • scissors
  • fusible interfacing
  • a skyline silhouette
  • a matte knife


  1. Purchase white cotton or cotton/poly curtains to fit the window. The curtains should lie fairly flat without a lot of gathering.
  2. Find or draw a city skyline and scale it to the curtains. It should extend the full width of the curtains and the buildings featured in the skyline should have windows that are a few inches tall.
  3. Pin the outline to the felt, and pin the interfacing to the back of the felt.
  4. With scissors, cut out the felt and interfacing to create a skyline silhouette. The windows can be cut out with a matte knife. When the curtains are backlit, the windows will glow as if lights are on in the buildings.
  5. Pin the cut felt with interfacing to the curtains (make sure the interfacing is between the felt and the curtains), and iron on (test the iron's temperature on a corner).
  6. When cool, check that the felt is securely attached to the curtains and remove the pins.
  7. Hang the curtains and enjoy the view.