Tuxedo Curtains

Bring the class of a tuxedo to your windows.
Bring the class of a tuxedo to your windows.

Putting on the ritz? This project brings "dressing up a room" to a whole new level — formal wear has never looked so good. Tuxedo shirts and cuff links come together to create a fabulous window treatment. The look is tailored and elegant, perfect for an Art Deco-inspired room.

For this project you'll need a sewing machine, yards of black silk or cotton, yards of white sheer, two to three ruffled tuxedo shirts and silver cuff links.


  1. Begin by preparing the shirts. Remove the backs and sleeves of each shirt. Save the sleeves to use later.
  2. Next, cut two panels of white sheer fabric to fit the length of the window (be sure to add an inch to the length for hem allowance). Place the panels on the work surface side by side.
  3. Unbutton one shirt and place it on top of the panels side by side. The look calls for the buttons to line up down the middle of the window, and for each panel to have half a shirt. Use the remaining ruffles and buttons from the other shirts to continue the look down the center of the panels.
  4. Sew the shirts to the sheers. Hem the edges of the panels and add a rod pocket at the top.
  5. Use the ends of two sleeves and turn them into hold backs. Cut the sleeves in half and sew two lengths end to end. Use a cuff link to hold the panels back.
  6. For a dramatic touch, add two full-length black panels to frame the sheers on both sides. Hang the panels in place on the rod.