Window Treatment Ideas

Neutral Zones

An earthy essence pervades when windows are dressed with old-fashioned tab curtains in unbleached cotton.

Absence of color in a room's decor doesn't have to mean a lack of style at the windows. Approached creatively, a neutral window treatment can be one of the home's most provocative. Drama can be created with a large-scale pattern juxtaposing the opposite neutrals of black and white.

When the only pattern in the room is repeated on a chair, the window treatment stands as the room's single most compelling design ingredient. For paler neutral schemes aiming for tranquility rather than visual rhythm, sand- or cream-colored panels that are tied back or tabbed at the top suggest serenity with their demure hue and simplicity of design.

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Classic single-panel draperies are pulled to one side with elegant fringed tie-backs, exposing just enough window to convey a sense of the outdoors.

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