Window Treatments Tips and Tricks

Let in the light while maintaining your privacy with these tips.
Let in the light while maintaining your privacy with these tips.
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To get an expensive look with an inexpensive price tag, put your money into trims, cords, tassels and fringes. They dress up even the least expensive fabrics.

Let the Sun Shine In!

By using longer rods, you can set the window treatments in such a way that only the trim of the window is covered and all the light still shines in.

Shutter Mania

Interior shutters are found in a variety of colors and price ranges in both wood or (faux wood) vinyl, which is a great option for bathrooms.

Open Top Down

Shades and blinds that open or pull up from the bottom of a window can also be engineered to open from the top as well. This allows the light to come into the room without compromising your privacy.

Doorknob Hardware

Old doorknobs bought at a flea market can be used to hang curtain panels or valances.

Layered Look

Blinds and shades create the perfect backdrop for layering side panels and valences.

Discount Options

Purchase discount fabrics or sheets and tablecloths from a local discounter to create curtains and toppers.

Bind a Blind

One fun way to add life to simple wooven-wood blind is to bind a cheerful patterned fabric at the side and top edges (they do this in Japan with floral or geometric patterns). Or just use a plain, bright-colored tape if the wood is a natural tone.

Natural Inspiration

If you can't find inspiration for your window treatment from the room itself, try looking out the window and drawing inspiration from the colors outside.

Play with Valances

Valances can be cut from wood and covered in fabric. They can be covered with cork and used as a bulletin board for your favorite pictures, which you can then change at a whim. Use chalkboard paint and post favorite inspirational quotes. Sporting equipment is another great base for a window topper. Hang team pennants off a baseball bat or a hockey stick. In a baby's room, hang a valance from wooden blocks hung above the window. The options are endless!