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Whether you're fixing a broken pipe or installing new cabinets, home DIY is an important aspect of living in a house. Check out these home DIY articles.

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How to Fix Cracked Plaster in 4 Steps

Older homes often have lath-and-plaster walls. Latex paint will hide hairline cracks in plaster, but only temporarily. Larger cracks actually are easier to fix. Learn how to repair cracked plaster.

How to Repair Sweating Pipes

Sometimes there's so much water dripping from a pipe that you're sure there must be a leak somewhere. Then you may discover it's only condensation. Learn how to repair sweating pipes.

Thermostat Maintenance Tips

A thermostat is a highly sensitive control instrument that responds to even the slightest changes in temperature. It can be a source of some frustrating problems. Learn how to maintain a thermostat.

How to Restore Wooden Furniture Finish

A few simple restoration techniques can revive an old finish on wooden furniture. This can save you time and money, and help you hold onto a good piece of furniture. Learn to restore furniture finish.

How to Repair Toilet Tank Problems

Compared with a clogged toilet, tank troubles can seem relatively insignificant. Yet strange noises or continuous water running can be more than annoying; it can cost money. Learn to repair toilet tank problems.

How to Caulk Bathroom Fixtures

Because tubs and sinks are used practically every day, the caulking between the fixture and the wall often cracks or pulls loose. This allows water to damage the surrounding wall. Learn to caulk bathroom fixtures.

Heating and Cooling System Basics

We expect our heating systems to keep our homes warm during the winter, and we depend on air-conditioning to keep us cool in summer. Learn the basics of how heating and cooling systems work.

Heating and Cooling System Maintenance Tips

Heating and cooling systems are usually trouble-free and easy to maintain. No matter what type of systems you have, there are several things you can do to keep them in top condition. Learn more with the information inside this article.

Chimney-Cleaning Tips

There are fireplace fixes you can do in just an hour or two once a year. The most practical one is cleaning the chimney. Learn how to clean your chimney, plus other fireplace maintenance tips.

A Guide to Wooden Furniture Restoration Tools

Equipping your at-home workshop with the right tools can save you time when you are attempting any furniture restoration or repair project. Learn the proper primary tools to include in your workshop.

How to Fix a Showerhead

Showerheads are subject to several problems. Leaks can occur where the head connects to the shower arm or between the showerhead body and the swivel ball. Find out how to fix a showerhead.

How to Unstick a Door

Usually it's easy to unstick a stubborn door. To diagnose the problem, close the door, watching it carefully to locate the binding point. From here, there are several potential strategies. Learn to unstick a door.

How to Hang an Interior Door in 4 Steps

Hanging or installing an interior door isn't terribly difficult. You probably can tackle this home improvement project in an hour or two with the necessary materials and tools. Learn more.

How to Install a Fluorescent Light

Consider replacing some of your old incandescent fixtures with fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent light provides shadow-free illumination, but, best of all, fluorescent bulbs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Learn how to install a fluorescent fixture.

How to Install a Lockset

New doors need a lockset. Some doors come predrilled for standard-size locksets, others will require drilling. Mortises also need to be cut for the lockset and strike plate. Learn the details to install a lockset.

Door-Fixing Tips

If fences make for better neighbors, then doors make for happier families. But not if a door is squeaking or sticking. Learn tips on how to keep doors in your home working properly.

A Guide to Wooden Furniture Restoration Materials

For refinishing or repairing furniture, it's important to have basic materials like abrasive powders, adhesives, and sandpaper. Other materials like painter's tape aren't used frequently, but they are also important to have ready. Learn more.

How to Bleach Wooden Furniture

Furniture should be bleached if the surface is marked by stains, black rings, or water spots; if the wood is discolored or blotchy; and if the color is uneven. Learn how to bleach furniture.

How to Seal Wooden Furniture

Sealer coats are used between finishing steps to ensure even penetration of stains and finishes, to prevent bleeding of stains and fillers, and to make the finished surface smoother. Learn how to seal wooden furniture.

How to Apply Filler to Wooden Furniture

Applying filler to furniture is a matter of personal taste. Filler usually produces a very smooth, glassy surface. For a more natural look, you may want to leave the pores open. Learn to apply filler.

How to Remove Stains and Discoloration From Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture can be spoiled by small damage to the surface. Some stains are easily removed, while more damaging spots may require refinishing. Learn simple methods to repair small stains quickly and effectively.

How to Repair Wooden Furniture Joints

Loose joints on wooden furniture can cause long-term damage to the rest of the frame by increasing stress on other joints. Learn how to repair joints and stop small structural problems from becoming big ones.

How to Strip Wooden Furniture

Removing old finish from wooden furniture is a lengthy process, but knowing the proper techniques and professional shortcuts can save you time and money. Learn how to strip wooden furniture.

A Guide for Buying Unfinished Wooden Furniture

Many decisions go into buying a piece of unfinished wooden furniture. You should consider quality, style, and problems to be fixed. Learn what to look for when buying, and how to fix what you've bought.

How to Repair Wooden Furniture Veneer

Veneer is a thin layer of wood glued to wooden furniture. Veneer is very prone to blistering, cracking, or falling off. Learn how to fix damaged veneer and replace broken or missing sections of veneer.