10 Easy Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen



Everyone's happy when the kitchen is filled with the decadent aroma of warm chocolate cake or cheesy lasagna -- at least, that is, until the chocolate cake overflows and the drips from the lasagna are still on your oven floor days later. Yes, such food is always delicious, but as you spend hours scrubbing the spills off the oven, you may begin to wonder if baking it was worth the trouble of cleaning it.

Don't sacrifice chocolate cake just because of a few spills, because you don't have to spend hours cleaning it if you use our trick. Coat oven spills and splashes with salt as soon as possible after they occur. Be careful though! Wear an oven mitt and use a long-handled spoon to sprinkle salt on harder-to-reach spills. Once the oven has cooled down, use a damp rag or sponge to easily wipe them away. Watch out, because now you're going to want to bake that chocolate cake everyday just to prove you can clean it up without a hassle!