10 Easy Laundry Tricks

Roll Up a Lint Remover

If you have an cat or dog that sheds, you probably have a lint roller or two lying around the house. If you're not used to lint or hairs on your clothes -- or if you've had to roll one too many shirts and are out of sheets -- you may be desperate for a solution, but don't start tearing off pieces of scotch tape yet. Using three inch slivers of tape at a time will make you run through an entire roll before your pants are a solid black again; there's a more efficient way to get the job done.

Make your own lint remover by rolling up an old magazine or thin mail-order catalog and wrapping wide adhesive tape around it so the sticky side faces out. Pass it lightly over clothing or upholstery fabric to remove lint, bits of thread and stray hairs. You'll cover a bigger surface area and get the job done faster!

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