10 Green Outdoor Cleaning Tips



If you have a collection of rusty nuts, bolts, and nails sitting around in your workshop, give them a makeover by placing them in a glass jar, filling the jar to about halfway with the metal pieces. Cover the pieces in undiluted vinegar, seal the jar, and let it sit overnight. The next day rinse the pieces thoroughly, and make sure to dry them -- after all, we don't want to go through all the work of cleaning just to have them rust up again!

Rusty tools can be revived in a similar way as the nuts and bolts. Place them in a container big enough to hold them as well as enough vinegar to cover them thoroughly, like a plastic bucket or tub. Soak the tools for several hours, then rinse them completely with clean water. Using a cotton cloth, dry them well. If you see the vinegar becoming cloudy before you think the rust has been loosened all the way, change out the vinegar and continue to soak the items.