Top 10 Holiday Organizing Tips

Have an After-party

If you have the energy, a holiday party after the holiday may be the most effective way to kill off a number of birds with one stone. For instance, it's a holiday party that won't compete with other parties taking place during the season -- or your own massive to-do list. And it helps get things back to normal in a fast, fun, social way. For example, you could serve party guests holiday leftovers and gifted wines and food you don't want. Ask your friends to potluck their own leftovers and unwanted gift food, too. Additionally, try inviting your guests to take a look at your holiday-specific decorations before you box them up. It may help you find out what's broken, damaged or unwanted. Whatever you're getting rid of can go directly to the trash or in a charity pile -- or home with your party guests if they want it.

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