Top 10 Holiday Organizing Tips


Set Goals and Limits

Try not to double-book holiday events and occasions.
Try not to double-book holiday events and occasions.
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Make the holidays easier on yourself by setting reasonable goals and limits. For instance, if you have relatives scheduled to arrive the Monday before Thanksgiving and depart the Sunday after, then you probably shouldn't schedule a potluck dinner with friends that week, nor would you try to Christmas shop that weekend. It would just be too hectic and prevent enjoyment of your family's visit and of the holiday itself.

Here's another tip: Break every task or project into palatable chunks. For example, does decorating for Halloween always take you longer than you think it's going to? Then give yourself plenty of time. Taking it one step further, set a reasonable decorating timeframe -- say seven days, for example. Decorate one room or area on each of those seven days. This way, the work is manageable, and it doesn't dominate several whole days.