Top 10 Holiday Organizing Tips


Pack It Up

Thick, plastic, transparent storage bins are one of the best holiday storage solutions around, because you can easily see what's inside of them. Also, they're available with lids in many different colors, which gives you the option of color-coding your storage bins according to the holiday (i.e. a green lid for Christmas box, orange for Halloween, yellow for Easter, etc.). These are generally inexpensive. That means it may be affordable to have a lot of bins if you need them. Try setting aside one bin per room for Christmas: a living room bin, a dining room bin, etc. They can also be used to store gifts and gift-related tools -- for example, a wrapping paper bin filled with paper, gift bags, tags and scissors.

Plastic bags can also store some holiday items, and they're even cheaper and more versatile than bins. Baggies are a particularly good place to store food-based crafts such as dough ornaments and macaroni crafts, because they can be both water- and bug-proof. You could put them in a lidded tin box for extra protection. And don't throw away garment bags or those zippered bags from new pillows - these are ideal for storing plastic, odd-shaped outdoor decorations.