10 Impossibly Clean TV Homes

Modern Family

The three nuclear families that form the Pritchett family blend ethnicities, sexual orientations, age differences and gender roles. The result is a contemporary, laugh-so-hard-you-snort-soda-through-your-nose sitcom.

These characters all stay very busy; the adults hold jobs, raise families and manage households while the children go to school, participate in activities, have play dates and go through normal teenage dating angst. The crux of each episode always seems to revolve around a family celebration or get-together, of which the Pritchetts have many. And while all this is happening, major life milestones -- new jobs, adoptions, first kisses and college acceptances -- occur.

With all this activity, you'd expect housekeeping and chores to fall low on the priority list. Claire, the Pritchett daughter, wife to Phil and mother of three is shown occasionally wiping something in the kitchen or carrying a laundry basket through the house. Cameron, partner to her brother Mitchell and stay-at-home dad to Lily has fun play dates, lunches and lots of drama, yet never cleans their apartment. Meanwhile Gloria married to patriarch Jay Pritchett and mother to Manny, is always dressed to the nines, sporting beautiful high heels and full makeup, and probably doesn't own a vacuum.

Each home is not only a contrast in style, but should be featured in "House Beautiful" or "Better Homes and Gardens" magazines. All of us TV viewers can only hope that one day we'll be so modern our homes naturally clean themselves.

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