10 Impossibly Clean TV Homes


Party of Five

Before Matthew Fox starred as Jack on "Lost", he was big brother Charlie trying to manage the wayward Salinger clan who'd been orphaned by a drunk driver. The five children ranged in age from a baby all the way up to 20-something Charlie.

While he had a good heart, Charlie was still fighting his own demons so he didn't always have the best control over his siblings. Thank goodness for Kirsten, Owen's nanny and Charlie's sometime girlfriend, but even Kirsten's presence can't explain the cleanliness of the Salinger house. Over the course of the show, Charlie and brother Bailey managed their parents' restaurant; Charlie had cancer; Bailey dealt with alcoholism; sister Julia with domestic violence; other sister Claudia with lots of violin practice and who knows what Owen, the youngest, did. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt also found fame on that show, and she didn't do it while wielding a broom or a dustpan.

There were no parents, and very few adults to enforce any type of order or household standards, so the house should have looked like fraternity row after a football game. But in the lovely world of sitcom TV, this beautiful San Francisco estate not only had charming views of the Golden Gate Bridge but a clean, welcoming interior as well.