10 Impossibly Clean TV Homes


Grey's Anatomy

Never has medicine been so sexy, social and interesting! The characters on Grey's Anatomy get more done in a 24-hour day than even the U.S. Army. They work on their surgical skills, they work on their bedroom skills; they study for boards; they have babies, yet still find time to go across the street to the local watering hole – knowing that at any second a Seattle manufacturing plant might blow up and send a stream of patients to their hospital.

What they don't show is how Meredith Grey's huge house or Mark's apartment or Callie and Arizona's lovely home stays clean. Meredith is never shown running a vacuum or washing a dish; yet the house is immaculate despite the fact that at one time or another, nearly every featured resident has lived there, they've had lots of wild parties, and there is now a toddler in residence. Callie and Arizona are new moms, yet you never even see a can of formula on the counter. If these docs were successful surgeons, finished with training, I'd assume there were housekeepers that TV audiences never see, but these characters are still managing student loans.

I have no doubt the doctors of "Grey's" could make me the Bionic Woman, but if I had my choice, I'd rather have Callie's apartment than her surgical skills.