Top 10 Kitchen Storage Solutions


Plastic Containers

Plastic containers like these changed the kitchen storage game forever.
Plastic containers like these changed the kitchen storage game forever.
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When Tupperware containers were introduced in the 1940s, they revolutionized kitchen storage. At Tupperware parties in suburban neighborhoods throughout the country, housewives learned how to keep their potato salad fresher and easily separate their chips from their dips.

Today, Tupperware isn't the only game in town when it comes to plastic containers. There are an almost infinite number of plastic storage options for keeping food organized and fresh.

Plastic containers typically come in sets of different shapes and sizes. Sets range from a couple of containers to 100 or more. Some even come with their own storage systems, which can make finding the right container a snap. Containers that fit inside one another or lock together are also helpful.

Before you buy plastic containers, check to see whether they are dishwasher-safe and microwavable. Otherwise, you might find melted plastic soup when you go to wash them or cook with them. Also make sure they seal securely, so your Aunt Edna's bean dip doesn't get mixed up with your chocolate pudding. However, you don't want them to seal so securely you can't open them up, especially if you have joint pain or weakness.

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