Top 10 Kitchen Storage Solutions


Storage Towers

If you don’t have the room to build out, build up.
If you don’t have the room to build out, build up.
Martin Poole/Getty Images

If you like to cook, you've probably accumulated a variety of pots, pans, spices and other cooking accessories over the years. Unless you have a huge kitchen, eventually you're going to run out of room to store everything.

Kitchen storage towers follow the same principles as high-rise buildings in big cities. When you don't have room to build out, you build up. Storage towers are high and narrow, so they can fit into places where other storage systems would never be able to go, such as a small pantry or against the wall of your kitchen. They enable you to add shelves' worth of extra space without taking up much extra room in your kitchen.

Some storage towers allow you to customize based on your needs. You can buy several individual shelves and stack them, or get a unit with adjustable shelves to accommodate both large and small items.

Before you buy your storage tower, check to see how much weight each shelf can hold, especially if you have heavier items to store.