Top 10 Kitchen Storage Solutions


Countertop Canisters

Today's countertop canisters have come a long way from the cookie jars of old.
James Tse/Getty Images

Mom's cookie jar was an old-fashioned example of how to create extra counter space using canisters. Today's countertop canisters hold much more than cookies. There are canisters for kitchen utensils, cakes, paper towels, napkins, fruit and just about anything else you want to store on your countertop. Some canisters come in sets of different sizes, so you can store a variety of items in a row. Canisters not only add a decorative touch to your countertop, but they also help keep your food fresh for longer than it would keep sitting out.

Countertop canisters come in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, from the simple to the ornate. The more elaborate they are, the higher the price tag. A plastic paper towel holder might cost only a few bucks, while a handcrafted cake pedestal from Europe could run in the hundreds of dollars. When choosing a style, consider your kitchen design and who else is using the kitchen (like young children with slippery fingers, who could send your expensive canister hurtling to the floor).