Top 10 Kitchen Storage Solutions


Kitchen Carts

Kitchen carts are just like kitchen islands, except they're more portable. A good kitchen cart will give you extra space for food preparation, serving and storage, and you can put it exactly where you need it.

Prices and styles of kitchen carts can vary. A simple cart that costs $50 will be little more than a basic serving tray. The higher-end kitchen carts -- which can cost $500 or more -- look like real pieces of furniture.

When buying a kitchen cart, first determine how much space you have in your kitchen. Then, think about how much storage and cooking space you're going to need. Ask yourself how easily you want to be able to move your kitchen cart: Some carts come equipped with wheels. If you do get a wheeled cart, make sure it's sturdy enough to stay in one place (or that it has brakes), so it won't slide out from under you while you're in the middle of chopping vegetables.

Finally, determine which accessories you need. Many carts come equipped with extras like drawers, built-in wine racks, spice racks and paper towel holders. If you're going to be doing a lot of cooking on the cart, you might want to buy one with a countertop finish, such as granite or butcher block.