Top 10 Kitchen Storage Solutions


Wine Racks

You don't have to be a multi-millionaire to have your own wine collection. You just need a few bottles and a good wine rack.

When choosing a wine rack, look for a style that fits the d├ęcor in your home. You can choose from finishes such as wood, metal or stainless steel in a variety of colors.

To determine what size rack you need, count how many bottles of wine you have and then double it. Buying a larger rack will give your collection room to grow. Just don't buy a rack so big that your few bottles of wine get swallowed up in empty space.

Test out the wine rack in the store to make sure it's sturdy enough so it won't tip over easily and destroy your entire wine collection. It also should be able to accommodate different sized bottles, and not just the standard 750 ml (0.198 gallon) ones.

Finally, when you bring your new wine rack home, place it in a cool, dark location. Extremes of heat, cold, humidity and light can damage the wine collection you've carefully cultivated.