10 Signs You're a Disorganized Mess


Move in together? But then we'll have two of everything!

Merging fully-equipped households can be a chore in the best of times. In the worst of times, it can lead to bickering. Whose kitchen table do we keep? Which dresser do we use? Whose toiletries get prime counter space in the bathroom? And don't even look at the spice racks or the utensil drawers. Those are potential arguments waiting to happen, depending on how seriously you and your significant other consider basil and forks.

If you're going through a situation akin to this, being disorganized won't help the issue in the slightest. Want your centerpiece on the table? Your picture on the wall? If you can't find them, they'll likely lose their spot. So if you find more and more of your possessions have gone missing and are being shunted to the side because of it, that could be a sign you're the more disorganized of the duo and need some lessons on the subject.

Author's Note: 10 Signs You're a Disorganized Mess

I loved writing this article because I could really relate to some of the entries. I'm a pretty organized person overall, but I could definitely do better in specific areas. (OK, fine, I'll admit it about the laundry. I'm absolutely terrible at forcing myself to get laundry done in a timely fashion! And my washer and dryer could not be farther from the shower.) So, anyway -- as I trudge miserably down to the laundry room -- it was really interesting writing an article that delved into the topic of personal organization.

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