10 Signs You're a Disorganized Mess


That food went bad? Bummer!

More food gone south?
More food gone south?

Another sign you might be a tad too disorganized is if you routinely have food that spoils. Moldy main courses that occasionally go a bit past their prime is one thing, but if you find strange growths in your condiments that's another, because they're supposed to have some staying power.

If your refrigerator resembles a penicillin factory, then that's a bad thing. Antibiotics have changed the course of human history, sure, but it's best if they're grown in a lab under sterile conditions. Your fridge does not equal sterile conditions.

Same goes for the pantry. You could consider yourself disorganized if nonperishable goods manage to perish under your watch. One way to keep tabs on shelf life is to pay attention to holiday drives or other food drives for those in need. When you catch wind of one, do a once-over, tossing anything that's past its prime and donating anything you won't realistically use before its expiration date.