Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Take Your Time
Stay on task, but don't get burned out, either.
Stay on task, but don't get burned out, either.
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Do you want to do it fast or do you want to do it right? After you draw up your list of tasks, you might be re-thinking how much time to allot to it. Sure, you can hit the highlights in a weekend, but if you want every square inch truly clean, you'll need to take more time. Before you give up because you can't take a week off work just to clean, remember this: nobody can.

The answer? The classic divide-and-conquer technique. Go back to your list and break down each task into manageable chunks. There's no rule about how long it should take you to finish your spring cleaning, and it doesn't have to be finished by the first day of spring. Estimate how long each task will take you and where you can add them on to your everyday routine. For example, if you're in the bathroom wiping down the sink and counter, maybe you can also take the time to clean and organize under the sink, too.

You also need to build in breaks to avoid burnout. I'm guilty of powering through when I'm in the middle of a task, but then sometimes I run out of steam before I reach my goal. At the same time, be a little ruthless with yourself -- now is not the time to flip through your old yearbooks or reread letters from pen pals.

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