10 Everyday Things You're Probably Doing the Hard Way


Take Scratches Out of Furniture

A quick fix for scratched wood is as close as the kitchen.   ©loops7/iStockphoto.com
A quick fix for scratched wood is as close as the kitchen. ©loops7/iStockphoto.com

Maybe your new puppy scratched your wood flooring or you noticed a new scratch in your dining table after a dinner party. Fixing scratches in furniture is easy, doesn't require sanding, varnish or stain, and doesn't require a trip anywhere other than your kitchen. Kitchen? Yes -- for a walnut.

It's the oil from the walnut meat that does the work here. Walnut oil penetrates the wood and can be used just as linseed or tung oil to keep wooden furniture and floors from drying out -- and as it turns out, if you coat a scratch with it, the scratch will blend back in to the surrounding wood color. And since walnuts are non-toxic, as long as no one you're preparing food for has a nut allergy you can also use them to correct any scratches in wooden bowls and kitchen utensils (and the oil is good for maintaining wooden cutting boards). Simply rub the scratched area with a shelled walnut to watch the scratch disappear, and then buff with a soft cloth.