10 Ways to Turn Clutter into Cash


Resell It: at a Garage Sale

Make sure your sign is sturdy and weatherproof.
Make sure your sign is sturdy and weatherproof.

Ah, that old go-to, the garage sale. (Or perhaps yard sale, if your garage is ground zero for your clutter.) Garage sales are perfect for folks who want stuff gone in a hurry and don't mind debating -- and discounting -- prices for potential purchasers.

If you like the sound of that, it's worth spending some time ensuring your garage sale will be a success. For starters, it's smart to get your neighbors in on the action. One yard sale will probably draw lots of diehards, but a neighborhood-wide yard sale is much more likely to bring out a crowd. Next, you want to run an effective publicity campaign. Post fliers at businesses around town, take out an ad in the local paper and make eye-catching signage for passing motorists. That means big thick letters and clear arrows indicating which way shoppers should go to reach your neighborhood, along with the date and time your garage sale is going down.

Then gather everything you have to sell, price it smartly and simply, and have it ready first thing in the morning. Yard-sale-goers are often early birds. Remember to be safe, too: Recruit some family or friends to help you watch the merchandise and periodically drop off your earnings inside your locked house. By the end of the day, you'll have hopefully made some money and rid your home of lots of pointless possessions.