10 Ways to Turn Clutter into Cash


Donate It: and Get a Tax Break

Just because you don't want it anymore, doesn't mean someone wouldn't jump at the chance.
Just because you don't want it anymore, doesn't mean someone wouldn't jump at the chance.
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If you donate stuff to a legit charity or other qualified organization, then you may get a little kickback from the government come April 15. It'll mean a bit more work on your tax forms, but you -- and the people who got your unwanted but still useful possessions -- will all benefit from those few extra minutes. Just ask the diligent folks at H&R Block.

Anyway, the key is to save any records from the donations. Then when the grueling process of filling out your taxes rolls around, you'll have everything you need to document how awesome you were at helping others throughout the year. Check the IRS Web site to find out which forms you need to fill out. More on that in this article: 10 Tips for Getting the Biggest Tax Refund.

Author's Note

This was a fun article to write because I learned a lot more details on sales processes I had only surface knowledge of previously. Take Etsy. I have an account with them, and have bought a few things off their site, but I have always wanted to become a seller. (Of what? SECRET!) Anyway, writing this article gave me a much better idea of what that process would entail, and what I would need to be successful in the venture. Cool stuff.

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