10 Ways to Turn Clutter into Cash


Resell It: to a Consignment Shop

Consignment shops put your goods on display so you can potentially get some dinero in exchange for your castoffs, provided they're in nice enough condition. Of course, if you go to check in on something you're selling on the rack or shelf, expect it to be marked up over what you're planning to receive. Consignment shops require a cut for helping you sell your stuff.

Consigning is especially great for barely worn designer clothes, on-trend brand-name pieces, or baby and children's items. Specialty stores will also take secondhand items like video games, sports equipment and musical instruments that they can sell used to others. So that old lacrosse stick that is languishing in your garage on a shelf, the discarded violin that hasn't made a peep in years hiding in the back of your kid's closet, or the stack of video games covered in dust cluttering up your family's living room floor could all earn you a few bucks if you get them to the right people.